About us

With the changing nature of technology and its application in different industries, knowledge sharing has become one of the key means by which companies over the world can improve on their expertise through the knowledge sharing opportunities. Precise conferencing group believes in the need to spread knowledge and best practices from renowned speakers from around the world as a means of improving the general outlook of key players within various industries.

Based on this background, Precise Conferencing Group (PCG) organises international conferences around the world by bringing together practitioners and experts from different fields with the aim of sharing knowledge and making a difference.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make a difference by sharing best practices across industries.

Our Vission

As PCG we believe in making a difference through continuous improvement. This vision fuels the nature of our conferences which emphasizes on the need to bring the best to our clients.

Our Core Value

  • Excellence
  • Integrity 
  • Innovation 
  • Inclusiveness
  • Quality

Why Choose Us?

If you believe in getting the best out of your conference experience, then look no further. The design of our conferences ensures you get your money’s worth by ensuring we gather the best in the industry to facilitate and deliver at our conferences. We strive to take into account the individuality of our attendees by organising an inclusive and well-tailored conference experience that meets the needs of all clients.